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080 Transform: Contemporary Architecture Event in Bangalore

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Incite and the Gothe-Institut Max Mulller Bhavan, are organising a Contemporary Architecture Exhibition and event, collectively called 080 TRANSFORM.

Incite INClined towards Ideas Thoughts and Expression through (Contemporary Architecture)

The Event is aimed in informing people about the city of Bangalore and where it is heading in an architectural context. The exhibition is no restricted to the architects and designers but everyone who is interested in Contemporary architecture in Bangalore. I would recommend architecture students, developers and anyone concerned with Bangalore’s infrastructure and urban planning attend this event. There are limited enteries and works on a first come first serve basis.

080 TRANSFORM, with a strong design focus, has a multi-directional approach through the exhibitionand associated events. Projects built in the timeline of 1990 – 2007, that have consciously attempted to transform the built dialect of the city, are featured through panel displays. The exhibition presents forthcoming transformation ideas – explorations that are not yet realised, through models.

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There are three basic events spread out over the 10th to the 26th of October

Design Dialouge, Dialouges among architects and various professionals.

Design Walk of Projects, Tour of Projects with Architects.

Meet The Architects, Direct Conversation with Architects.

Some of the best Architects of the day will be presenting their work and Ideas at the venue. Including Aumitro Gosh and Nisha Matew from  MgA, Prof. AR Jaisim from Jasim FountainHead, Gayathri and Namith from GNA, V. Narasimhan  from Venkatramanan Associates and many others.

A detailed schedule of events and exhibitions can be downloaded at the Incite website or here.

Written by Vishnu Kumar

October 9, 2008 at 1:50 am

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