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A man on a tree

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Mr. KP Singh from Udaipur is a delightful engineer with a gleaming Colgate smile. When his clients came to him with a plot of land with a Mango tree in the middle, he refused to cut down the tree and convinced the client to build a Tree house. The structure that developed around the tree is a series of small cozy enclosures, with branches jutting out from the walls around. The Tree itself is load bearing structure and the house is designed specifically to deal with the local winds.

“My name is KP Singh, Kulpradip Singh, this is the house which i built eight years back, It has become a place of inspiration for many to realise that the tree can provide them not only the shelter but also the pleasure of living with the living thing.”   –  KP Singh

Images Via Honda Drive Every Drop

Via Pardon My Hindi via Honda Drive Every Drop

Written by Vishnu Kumar

October 10, 2008 at 12:30 am

Bangalore Express

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The Bangalore Express is a contemporary Indian restaurant in London with a very warm ‘Bangalorean’ ambiance so to speak, well Bangalore isn’t really the Garden City anymore. But, the concept behind the interiors is based on the concept of Bangalore – Garden City  and Express – Indian Railways.

Entrance is not too exciting, the restaurant sits on 103-105 Waterloo Road, with a few tables outside. But once you enter the restaurant it is a whole other world. The chaotic lines criss crossing over shades of green blending in with the timbers and furniture, gives it a urban-earthy feel.

Like the railway sleepers they have a scaffolding with a dining area on the top level. The customers sit in their little berth, crammed in for a more private conversation. Their menu offers a wide range of North Indian Food. Yes, i don’t understand how it makes sense at all.



This space is all about romanticizing India- Bangalore – Indian Railways. The language is clear – chaotic lines, earthy contemporary colours and crammed spaces between railways berth scaffolding. But the type of food offered is just disappointing.

Via The Cool Hunter

Written by Vishnu Kumar

October 10, 2008 at 12:25 am

B.V Doshi

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Found this trailer for a documentary on B.V Doshi by Premjit Ramchandran.

Any one know about this please shout out.

Can wait to watch.

Written by Vishnu Kumar

September 11, 2008 at 12:26 am

What is mgroad, ada

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mgroad, ada is an open source blog about art architecture and design (ada) primarily focused on India and ada, inspired from Indian culture.

Covering everything from amateur photographers to high profile architects, we will bring to you the latest township projects and the coolest graphics. Apart from ada we will also cover contemporary music and popular culture.

There is no consistent source of ada from India, we are here to provide that. There are a few online lifestyle magazines and a many personal portfolio’s, but very vague. We are here to connect that gap and bring everything together.

We would like to have more people in our team of authors, if you think you can write and have a specific area of expertise, please send us an email . This is an opensource project so we would also like you (readers) to send us your article, our team will review it and publish it, credited to you of course.

Contact us :

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May 15, 2008 at 5:30 pm

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MG Road in India is universal, it is found in every major city in the country, integrating different states into a single force of cultural diversity. Named after Mahatma Gandhi, it is synonymous with every Indian. There is something about Mg Road (Bangalore) and surrounding areas you can’t find anywhere else.

MG Road, Bangalore, signifies what India is today, freedom, diversity and chaos.

Bazaar style atmosphere rains through this road, simulating the free markets that have flourished in India from the beginning of time.

Cultural diversity that can be sipped down with a beer at Koshy’s or finger licked with some home cooked anna-sambar from the back of an Omni.

Besides diversity adding to the chaos, 3 m wide gullies open doors behind every building around this region, which in turn light up, illegal shops selling ‘original fakes’ to the popular culture.

Written by mgroad

May 15, 2008 at 1:42 am